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H.I.S. Bridgebuilders Galati, Romania Branch

The Galati branch of H.I.S. BridgeBuilders is the first international city for H.I.S. BridgeBuilders International. Through a partner in Dallas we were introduced to the people of Galati and more specifically, the people of the Valley. The Valley is the primary community where BridgeBuilders International focuses their efforts. The crime rate and desperate circumstances that face these people each day is incomprehensible.

A majority of people living in the Valley are gypsies and to everyone else in their country they don???t even exist. It is impossible to enroll their children in school, receive any type of health care, and can even be difficult to find an accepting church. Because of these realities there is little hope for the people of the Valley.

However, we have found that by helping individuals receive meaningful employment, which is difficult considering that many of the people there can???t read or write their own name, the government will recognize them and grant them official papers allowing the family access to the education system and health care!

Bogdon Mihai and Mihai Marghidan are our first two BridgeBuilders International employees and they work in the Valley every day first to minister and spread the gospel and also help prepare people for jobs and employment opportunities.

Due to the fact that it is hard for many of the gypsies to attend the established churches of the cities we have opened our first church plant in the Valley. Bogdon, who was discipled and trained by an IMB missionary, is the first BridgeBuilders church plant pastor.

God is moving in amazing ways in Galati, Romania and the employment opportunities are coming more available as relationships with businesses, the government, and other foundations are being established.


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